Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Payroll

Processing payroll is a time-consuming, complex and sometimes laborious task yet is crucial in any business with employees.

Whether you have 2 employees or 95, getting your payroll calculations correct is critical to both your company and your employees. For these reasons a lot of businesses choose to outsource their…

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The importance of outsourcing bookkeeping for small businesses

I have recently had number of encounters with small business owners where they are doing their books themselves. Most of them focussed on two reasons for not hiring someone else to do the job; cost saving and keeping a close eye on the numbers.

Instead of saving money, this is…

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Trends for 2018 and Beyond

For thousands of years humans have wanted to know what the future has in store. The ancient Greeks had their stories about powerful Oracles that could divine what was to come. Fortunetellers have plied their trade throughout the centuries to kings, noblemen and the common folk alike.

Everyone wants…

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Should you de-register for VAT?

One of our clients asked me today if they still needed to be VAT registered. Their business has changed now they no longer have an employee to help them. So I took some time this morning to calculate whether they would be better off de-registering for VAT.

There are…

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